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Is Sex trafficking happening in your neighborhood?

How many times have you seen the news and said I didn't know what was happening in my neighborhood. It's so easy to point out a prostitute and judge her or him but as a society do we ever say is she or he in trouble? That's right prostitutes are not just women they are men and children who are being exploited. I know you have seen the stories in the newspapers and on the news. The number one question is how did that happen in plain sight in my neighborhood? Let us work together to save lives! These are some of the signs to look for in your neighborhood in people and housing. If you are afraid to report it you can report it at

  • Windows of property are permanently covered from the inside

  • Visits to the property are at unusual times

  • Property may be residential

  • Unusual noises coming from the property

  • Pungent smells coming from the property

  • Poor living conditions

  • Multiple people in cramped space

  • Inability to speak to individual alone

  • Answers appear to be scripted and rehearsed

  • Signs of physical abuse

  • Submissive or fearful

  • Under 18 and in prostitution

  • Interior locks on doors or windows

  • Physical abuse such as burn marks, bruises, or cuts

  • Withdrawn, depressed, distracted, or checked out

Traffickers promise a high-paying job, a loving relationship, or new and exciting opportunities and then use physical and psychological violence to control them. Traffickers can be lone individuals or part of extensive criminal networks, with the common thread of exploiting people for profit. In 2019, Polaris worked on 11,500 situations of human trafficking reported to the Polaris-operated U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline. These situations involved 22,326 individual survivors; nearly 4,384 traffickers and 1,912 suspicious businesses. Human trafficking is notoriously underreported. Shocking as these numbers are, they are likely only a fraction of the actual problem. For more information visit

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